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Perceptions of California

calcium is a well-known and admit state of the US and had a long history that affected numerous mountain ranging from the European explorations where they came in contact with Native the Statesns. The American domestic help policies that had a profound effect on their future existence on Earth to the Nipponese internment camps where hundreds of thousand Japanese Americans lost their homes. in that location atomic number 18 other events that affected peoples perceptionThe Mexican- American War for the subjugation of calcium, the calcium Gold Rush, history of thrall in California, and valet de chambrey more.It is non just the history that affected peoples perception, besides what is portrayed in the media and enjoyment indus punish. TV shows alike Beverly Hills 90210, The O. C. , etc. Different people declare divergent perceptions about California, even Californians name varied opinions due to the incidences that happened in the state. It has changed how they turn pric kle themselves in the state, how they look at the state sees them, and also how their manners in California affected their identity. In the essay Invisible Men by William Langewiesche, he talks about life-time as an banned immigrant.The illegal immigrats didnt have the opportunity to come legally or for the luxuries, they came to the US to make a bump life and to help their family back home. both(prenominal) immigrants might think once they get across, they get to live like they deserve. that when they in truth do cross, its not what they expected. They cross the border induceing out California is a hell hole and is insanely hard to become successful. They find out that theyre not wanted by the natives lifetime in the state, they have to live as vermin cowering in the dirt, hiding from the predators known as the border patrol.They have to scavenge for line of descents to make ends meet. Living in downslope lives camped out beneath freeway underpasses and deep inside barel y reachable canyons, a few thousand undocumented laborers hide out from the U. S. security deposit Patrol by night while seeking-minimum-wage work by day. (130). The American people see the illegal immigrants as parasites leeching from Americans, taking jobs from the American people for less pay because they are desperate to find better business opportunities.They would get low-paying jobs (usually two dollars an hour), and thats still better then what they would receive in their homeland. What American would be willing to work for two dollars an hour as a janitor or maid? Not many. In the essay farmers would require illegal immigrants just because they would work for less and are essential for their survival. intimately of the remaining farms in San Diego County are just such family operations, unable to go bad without illegal workers. (137). The small farmers are not necessarily bad people, but they lack the economies of scale.Rather than comply with burdensome regulations pertaining to the living conditions of farm workers (whether illegal immigrants or not), they have simply fall backped out of the system (137). The main goal of the illegal immigrants in California is to survive. They dont look like they have any goals of living in a huge house with luxuries. Their main priority is hard to support their family in Mexico, ward off the border patrol, and having enough money to survive. They were paying by check every 2 weeks, and if they did earned about nightclub thousand dollars a year, of which they might mail six thousand dollars to their families in Mexico. (138). In the essay The humanity of Our Grandmothers by Connie Young Yu, she talked about what life was like as a Chinese immigrant. No doubt, both nonage groups had it rough in America and even though they were both treated as inferior beings, they would still rather live in America than their home country. They both found living in California as a constant struggle for survival. Unlik e immigrants from Mexico, Chinese immigrants were allowed to go to the U. S. But they had to go through physical examinations and interrogations to determine their right to live in the U.S. Also before Chinese immigrants were accepted by the U. S. In the 1800s. The nation was growing so much and the immigrants who kept coming in are unskilled workers that work for less. It made the Americans attitudes become negative and hostile against the Chinese. In the essay she would talk about her grandpa trying to escape from a group of whites who tried to stone him, he ran so fast that he lost his hat. Life was more difficult as a Chinese immigrant because they would get murdered or assaulted by whites. Such unprovoked assaults upon inoffensive Chinamen are not a rare occurrence (P101). Females would be sell into slavery by their desperate parents. Females are a little better than slaves, they are looked upon as merchantable property , and are bought and sold like any other article or prop erty. (P. 101). Some would rather extend in China and be killed during infancy than be born in the U. S. Later they made acts like the Chinese Exclusion Act where they incinerate down the ratio of Chinese men and women, which made the population drop dramatically.Mexican immigrants who got their citizenship got to stay in the U. S. but for Chinese immigrants they would lose their U. S. Citizenship because of the exclusion acts. Some acts would make any U. S. born woman who married to a man ineligible for citizenship. They would have to give up their birthright and be deported back to China. Both Mexican and Chinese immigrants had it difficult because of the time they came to the U. S. and how they got there. For the Chinese they came in the 1800s where slavery was still allowed and people were closed minded back then.Some Mexican immigrants got into the America by crossing the border illegally, So they had to now avoid the border patrol and try to get a decent job with their stat us. They made it hard on themselves. However, the Japanese started immigrating to America during the mid 1900s where they they had easier than they Mexicans and the Chinese, because slavery was abolished by then and many other things that were factored in. But they had a fell twist of fate, where their home country attack off-white Harbor during World War II.It caused paranoia all over America and resulted in the containment of all Japanese Americans. In Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston essay, Manzanar, U. S. A. It talks about life as a Japanese American during World War II. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were rounded up and sent to detention camps. Life in the camps wasnt hard at all, they had swimming pools, schools, boy scouts, churches, etc. They did not try to rebel against the camps they just went with the flow.They went by the phrase Shikata ga nai which meant It cannot be helped, It mustiness be done They had the mentality of going wit h the flow. Life wasnt difficult in the camps, everybody worked together and made it a perfect little community. By comparison, life was easier for the Japanese then the Chinese and the Mexican Immigrants because even though the Japanese Americans lost their homes, they were given reparations of $20,000 and an apology. They did not have to hid from the border patrol or get deported back to their country.There are many events that happened in California. People perceptions of California solely depends on what they experienced in the state. It shapes how they think and how they are. Mexican and Chinese Immigrants see California as a hellhole, where you are basically the rubbish of the earth. Survival was the main goal they were trying to achieve. However the Japanese lived easily lives until the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But even though they were rounded up and sent to camps, they still went with the flow. They knew it had to be done.

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