Thursday, September 26, 2019

Organisation of the body Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Organisation of the body - Essay Example The major functions entail the intensification of DNA in order to facilitate the process of mitosis; it equally assists in the smaller casing of DNA so as to fit in the cell; it also controls replication of DNA and gene expression; it also inhibits the damage of DNA. They are normally reffered to as the cell’s powerhouse due to its ability to perform the role of the cell’s digestive system in which it uptakes nutrients, and synthesizes them into energy through cellular respiration. They function by breaking down cellular debris and waste materials through the action by acids known as hydrolase enzymes. In this regard, the lysosomes digest worn out or excess organelles, bacteria or engulfed viruses and food matter. The red blood cells have a flattened disc like shape or a biconcave shape which increases the surface area over volume ratio.In this regard, the diffusion of carbon dioxide and oxygen across the plasma of the red blood cells occurs at a faster rate.Moreover, the red blood cells are elastic and flexible thus they are able to fit the small capillaries. In addition, the red blood cells have a thin wall cell to assist in the effortless oxygen diffusion. The red blood cells equally lack cell structures such as ribosomes, mitochondria and nucleus. In this regard, they are able to pack large amounts of hemoglobin due to the increase in space within the cells. The hemogloblin performs the role of taking in oxygen from the lungs and consequently releasing it to the rest of the body. The ciliate epithelial cells have an overlapping and flat structure which facilitates the minimal use of space in the cell. It equally assists in providing a barrier to the exterior. Furthermore, it assists in offering a lightweight skin structure. In addition, it facilitates the shedding of individual cells. The sperm cell is specialized to carry out its function in a variety

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